Alternative Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis affects over 10 million people in the UK, and is a condition that can cause considerable pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, there is no known cure, and although medication is available, sufferers must learn to manage the symptoms as best they can. A healthy lifestyle, plenty of exercise and a good diet will help, but what of alternative medicine, or complementary therapies? Do they actually have a positive effect on arthritis?

Considerable research has been done on the subject, so we’ve outlined just a few of the alternative remedies that have been proven to be of some help in trials, compiled by Arthritis Research UK.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Some types of fatty acids have been proven to fight joint inflammation and regulate the body’s immune system. These include: Borage Seed Oil (also known as Starflower Oil) Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil (fish body oil and/or fish liver oil).



The following natural remedies and extracts have been found to be effective in the treatment of Osteoarthritis:

Capsaicin. A herbal medicine extracted from chilli peppers

Devil’s claw. An African plant root.  Side-effects however, can be a concern.

Turmeric. Believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger. Can relieve pain and discomfort.



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